About Us

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Many Directions grew out of regular weekly drama and arts workshops run by local charity Wolf + Water Arts Company in 1989.

In 2000, in order to give its members more voice, it became an Unincorporated Association, last year becoming a Community Interest Company – and now we’re in the process of becoming a Charitably Incorporated Association.

Whatever the structure, our ethos remains the same: no matter what the level of ability or experience of our members, we celebrate each individuals talent, creativity and energy through the arts – be that performing a complex dance or banging a triangle, with equal dignity.

At the same time, it’s really important that our work is of quality – that we are showing people with learning difficulties to the best of their abilities – both in artistic content and in the projects and themes we tackle. Only in that way can we seriously raise awareness not only about the challenges our members face, but their amazing talents and abilities too.

For the first time in these individuals lives have they been regarded with genuine earned applause and acclaim Social Services Manager