Drama Sessions

Our drama sessions provide:

  • A chance to develop personal and interpersonal skills – through working together towards productions people learn communication skills, develop confidence, and through role play, practice approaches to real life situations and problems in a safe environment.
  • A chance to explore issues that are pertinent to members lives. In the past we have done projects on bullying and personal safety, relationships and cuts to services. Through our performances we are able to then present these issues to services and providers, and a wider public audience.
  • The chance to perform! Whenever possible, funding allowing, we aim to work towards public performances. It is really important to us that performances are of the highest artistic quality – we want an audience to leave saying “that was an amazing show!” – indicating that they have been impressed by and learnt about our members abilities, rather than “Oh, didn’t they do well!” – and we have achieved this many times, see some of our reviews below!