What We do

What Many Directions offers members:

  • The chance to get involved in activities tailored to suit their specific needs. We offer an accessible user led service that celebrates individuals’ unique abilities, rather than focusing on their disabilities. Our members range from those who are living independently to those who have multiple and complex physical and cognitive needs – all are welcome!

Many Directions 3

  • The chance to develop skills in the creative arts, be that drama, dance or music. In the past our members have performed Shakespeare, danced Flamenco and played the spoons!

Many Directions 2

  • A good fun social time! This has become so much more important over the last couple of years with the ongoing cuts meaning that many traditional services have just ceased to exist – and for some of our members, Many Directions is one of the few social interactions they have with their peers on a regular basis.


  • The chance to get more fully involved in their communities. In the past some of our projects have involved collaborations with local schools and colleges, we have worked with the police, Social Services and other bodies, and through our performances have opened up a wider public awareness of the amazing talents of this often overlooked section of population.